Installing Popconvert on your BigCommerce Store

Installing Popconvert on your BigCommerce Store



Welcome to Popconvert!

Let's skyrocket your lead generation and sales starting right now!

To help you out on starting off, I want to share some content we have created.



- If you are looking for a quickstart I would suggest this article.


- If you are looking for a Complete Installation I would suggest this article.


- If you prefer to adventure yourself and try on your own, It could be done easily, in just a few steps:


1. Generate the discount coupons on your BigCommerce Panel. (I'm assuming you already have created your account in Popconvert and installed our BigCommerce App Integration)


2. Create your first Campaign by picking an existing template and filling out in the Rewards Tab your created coupons.


3. Publish the Campaign to Start Collecting Leads and Increasing Sales in no time.



Check out our full video about "How to Install Popconvert on your BigCommerce Website".





00:00 - Introduction

00:48 - Registration

01:12 - Accessing the Dashboard

01:37 - Creating Your First Campaign

02:41 - Tracking Data and Filtering

03:44 - Different Campaign Types

05:06 - Customizing Elements

07:10 - Setting Up Forms

07:32 - Configuring Triggers

09:16 - Managing Coupons and Prizes

10:06 - Campaign Settings