Popconvert Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

Popconvert Metrics and Analytics Dashboard



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In this tab, you can track:

  • # of leads

  • # of Pageviews

  • # of Impressions

  • % of Conversion Rate


You can filter the results by Campaign or a specific period of time starting on December 7th, 2022.



You can gain a good understanding of what's happening with your campaign based on these data. If you see that you have too many impressions and just a few leads (low conversion rate), it might be that your rewards, design, or copy of the Pop-ups are not so appealing to users, with a few adjustments you might get there. In order hand, if you find that You don't have enough impressions of your campaign based on the amount of pageviews you have, then you should check Triggers or Segmentation to understand what could help to bring more visibility to your campaign.