Popconvert's Glossary

Popconvert's Glossary:


Free Trial: The trial runs for 7 days or until the account reaches the limit of 80 interactions of leads. If the website has high volume of traffic, the 80 leads might arrive pretty sooner than the 7 days while a low traffic website might not get enough traffic to consume all the 80 leads within the 7 days trial period.


My Account: Page where Popconvert will retrieve your data for displaying your campaigns, billing and taxes. Also where you add your Captcha V3 keys to connect the integration. Make sure you keep your My Account's page always up to date.


Installation: If you work with the main Ecommerce platforms in the market like BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, Prestashop, WooCommerce and many others, you can simply install one of our installation apps and the installation will be finished. In case you have a custom website or we don't provide an app for your Ecommerce Platform provider, no worries, our installation approach is super easy, by just copying and pasting our installation script into your website code you will get the same result, you can also count with the help of Google Tag Manager or other Tag Managers that you might have installed already to your website. You can find the installation script in Integrations > Your Website.


Leads / Subscribers: All your website users that opted to share at least their email address to participate in one of our pop-ups are considered a Lead. 


Impressions: Every time the user can actually see a Pop-up.


Interactions: Every time a User or Lead engage and interact with one of our Pop-ups.


Conversion into Interactions (%): It is calculated using the number of Impressions compared to the number of generated leads.


Users: Every website's visitor.


Gamified Pop-ups: Pop-ups that use Gamification in order to capture users attention and collect their opt-ins after an interactive experience.


Regular Pop-ups: Pop-ups with forms without any sort of interaction.


Sticky Bars: Bars that stick to the top or bottom of your website allowing users to keep browsing without interruption.


FOMO Bar: Fear of Missing Out Bar has a countdown displaying how long the earned discount coupon has until it expires. This bar shows right after users finish the game. It pulls a few emotional triggers that drive conversions to your website.


Reminder Bar: It works as a second chance to users that have accidentally closed the Pop-up or have regretted to close it. It looks similar to the Sticky Bar.


Invitation Widget: This on-site element is used prior to the Pop-up itself. It is more discreet and doesn't interfere so much in the user journey. It has 2 layouts: 1. Invitation Bar 2. Condensate circle.  


QR Code Campaigns: Designed for physical stores and events, the QR Code campaigns work just like the online ones but the Campaign trigger is the QR Code Scan.


Campaigns: Campaigns are set up to run for an indeterminate period of time with its own settings and displaying rules divided in several tabs (Templates, Pop-up Types, Design, Triggers, Rewards, Campaign General Settings and Segmentation).


Pop-up types: Spin the Wheel, Slots Machine, Pick a Gift, TNT, Scratch Card, Treasure Hunt, CountDown, Corner Pop-ups and Regular Pop-ups.


Campaign Templates: We aim to make it easier for users to get the campaign published with the minimum effort possible as well as with the best quality so we built a few templates that are available for free for our users. The templates are divided into "Use cases" and "Promotional dates". 


Campaign Designs: In the Designs tab you will be able to adapt the look and feel of your pop-up according to your branding. Using the sidebar options you should check how all the other elements of your pop-up flow are looking like: Invitation Widget, Reminder Bar, Pop-up and FOMO Bar.


Campaign Triggers: Displaying pop-ups based on users behavior is the best way to capture their attention and opt-ins. Select to display pop-ups after the following available triggers (After x seconds, Exit Intent, After visiting x pages, After Scrolling x% of the page). Also where you can decide which data to collect before approving the game session where Email is always mandatory plus (name, phone number and gender). All settings are independent in Mobile and Desktop. In this page you can also set up to redirect leads right after the game session to a specific URL.


Campaign Settings: Activating Email Validations, setting up frequency limits in Days for users after their first experience with Popconvert pop-ups, Campaign duration, AB Testing and Captcha Activation.


Rewards / Coupons Settings: Generate the discount coupons you are planning to give away for your fresh leads in your Ecommerce Platform and then fill out the coupon codes in the Rewards Page. If you are looking into using unique usage coupons, firstly you should make sure your Ecommerce Platform provides this feature. If positive, then you should generate and export a .txt file with the coupons organized in one per line with a max of 5.000 coupons per file. Whenever Popconvert gives away all your coupons you will be notified by email to refill them.


Campaign URL Segmentation: With this feature you are limitless about the personalization level of your campaigns. You strictly exhibit your campaigns for certain traffic channels like Google or Instagram. Or restrict the pop-ups to certain products, categories or steps of your conversion funnel. 


Leads Page: All your contacts in one page. Here you can check all the data you're collecting from your leads as Name, Email, Phone Number, Opt-in Status, Data of Creation, Date of last Interaction, Earned Coupon, URL when subscribed, Campaign and more. You can export to a .CSV file all the leads or the selected ones. Apply filters to create user clusters.


Dashboard: Everything you need to know is here. Besides the Google Analytics Metrics that we will approach in the next subject, our Dashboard will display data about: 

  • # of leads

  • # of Pageviews

  • # of Impressions

  • % of Conversion Rate


You can filter the results by Campaign or specific period of time starting on December's 7th of 2022.


Integrations: You should be able to connect Popconvert to any website compatible javascript code and the most used Email marketing tools.


Email Validations via API: Even though most subscribers fill out Popconvert forms with valid email addresses because they want to make sure they will get the discount coupon, there is still the Email Validation via API to make sure their emails are valid prior to accessing the game and the coupon. So if you have your Email Validation active and users don't fill out the form correctly, they won't be able to advance to the next step and will see an error message: "Invalid Email". This service is an Add-on and might be charged separately. Get in touch with support for pricing details.


Google Analytics: In your Dashboard tab you will find the Google Analytics 4 integration button. After clicking you will need to login into your Google Analytics account and select your conversion event. So GA will be able to track the conversions generated from Popconvert and new graphs and data displaying the amount of orders and conversion rates comparison of the different types of users <<interacted with popconvert>> vs. <<did not interact with popconvert>>.