Popconvert's QR Code Campaigns for Physical Stores and Events


Popconvert's QR Code Campaigns for Physical Stores and Events


The "QR Code Campaigns" are created to bring interactive experiences to physical stores and in-person events where the traffic of people could generate new leads and businesses. 


Creating a QR Code Campaign is as easy as creating an online one, the only difference is that in the last tab step instead of setting up your Campaign targeting, you will be generating your QR Code.


Important Note: The success of your campaign is highly related to the visibility of the QR Code. We recommend using visual material in general (banners, rollups, posters, etc). It is also a good idea to let salespeople use it as a selling tool encouraging store pass-by's to participate by scanning the QR Code and having one more reason to go ahead and purchase.




Setting up your first QR Code Campaign in Popconvert:




The process is extremely similar to creating a regular Campaign with a few differences that I will point out below:

- QR Code campaigns only have the Pop-up element without all the other on-site elements and their flow.






- Instead of targeting your campaign to a URL, you will be able to generate your QR and decide where you want to send your subscribers after the conversion.




1. Sending subscribers to your website to use the earned coupon to purchase online. This could be useful if you have an established brand or physical presence and are starting online.










2. Generating a Coupon Certificate to be used on the Spot. This is very useful if you want to generate sales and promotions in Physical Stores and Events.