Personalizing your Pop-ups with Popconvert Designs

Personalizing your Pop-ups with Popconvert Designs



In the Designs tab, you will be able to adapt the look and feel of your pop-up according to your branding. 

Using the sidebar options you should check how all the other elements of your pop-up flow are looking like: Invitation Widget, Reminder Bar, Pop-up, and FOMO Bar.


Once you have selected the element of the flow that you want to edit, on your left-hand side you will have all the customizable items as colors, icons, texts, borders, and animations.


On your right-hand side, you might see your preview that will give you an idea of how your campaign is going to look like.


Text Fonts


Bear in mind that the Fonts of your pop-ups will be inherited by your main website fonts, so you don't need to worry if the Fonts do not look good at your preview in our panel, whenever you publish on your website, our script will be able to catch your main Font and use it in all texts of your Pop-ups. Soon there will be a section here to select specific Fonts or even upload your favorite one.


Check our full video about Personalizing your Pop-ups with Popconvert Designs