Popconvert Integrations and how they work

Popconvert Integrations and how they work


Connect Popconvert to your favorite tools with ease. In this session, you are able to access our Installation script to be inserted into your website, landing page, or even in your iOS / Android Mobile App.


You will find here mainly e-commerce platform plugin integration apps and CRM / Email Marketing tools.


E-commerce Platforms Plugin Integration Apps and Website script install


Ecommerce Platforms: Like in Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, or VTEX, when the Merchant clicks on "Install app", the first feature of this app will be inserting our installation script into your website. So if you have installed any of these apps, you should be good to go and the next step should be creating your first campaign.


Custom Website or Non-listed E-commerce Platform: Just copy and paste our installation script into your website code. Feel free to use any Tag Manager tool like Google Tag Manager for instance.


Email Marketing and CRM Tools Integration


Email Marketing / CRM tools: This integration will send the collected leads to your favorite Email Marketing / CRM Tool. In most cases, you will need to fill out the integration settings page inside your Popconvert panel exactly how your fields are named in your Email marketing tool. This way it is possible to send data automatically as Email, Name, Phone number, Registration URL, Opt-in Status, Earned Discount Coupon, Gender, and more.


Watch our full video about Popconvert's Integrations: